Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Bear of Very Little Brain

I am calling this a stick drawing.  Why a stick drawing?  Well, this is the first painting I have done using my new Daniel Smith watercolor sticks and pastels (which are, well, sticks).  The watercolor sticks are, essentially, watercolor rolled into a stick. . .how cool is that?  It allows you to draw with watercolor.  I did the under painting with the sticks and then went it dried, I added more details with Sennelier pastels. . .and wa-lah. . . A Bear of Very Little Brain appears.

              Daniel Smith watercolor sticks and Sennelier pastels on 140 lbs paper 9x12

Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy New Year from the Windward Pointe

Greetings and Happy New Year!!!

Did more reading and sitting by the pool than anything else this year (and that is a good thing) but did manage to do two little sketches.  

The first is a simple pen and ink with watercolor.  In my mind, the calligraphy (Pilot parallel pen and an inexpensive flex pen) really makes the picture stand out.

Below is a small watercolor of the Atlantic Ocean, which was a gorgeous clear green that contrasted against the cerulean sky, done with using only a 1 inch flat brush.